Passwordless Multi-Factor

providing biometric authentication via the cloud
for employees, suppliers and customers

Proving identities

Quantum-ready biometric authentication

At Nomidio we specialise in protecting identities. Using our federated identity cloud, we liberate companies from holding unnecessary PII and enable secure customer identification for loan applications, verification of customers to access account information and much more.

It all starts with the Nomidio Identity Cloud, which is an incredibly secure, quantum-ready, identity vault. The ID cloud delivers multiple identity services to multiple organisations, removing the need and expensive risk to companies of propagating identity data as is the standard today.

The identity data is secured using our parent company’s patented Quorum multiparty split key cryptography, meaning that anyone wanting to decrypt any one record will require the compliance of other holders of the key fragments.

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Nomidio creates the ultimate secure connection between companies and their customers


Nomidio OpenID is based on industry standards and may be easily integrated into your environment, whether across your network dovetailing into your existing Identity and Access Management system or on an individual use case basis such as access to highly secure data.

Delivered as a service from the cloud, Nomidio OpenID can be deployed and live in less than an hour.

See our recordings of how to integrate Nomidio with Salesforce and Zendesk

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